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It is snowing, she's barefoot, but Galya runs. Her captors are close behind her, and she won't go back there, no matter what. Tricked into coming to Belfast with the offer of a good job, all she wants now is to get back home. Her only hope is a man who gave her a cross and a phone number, telling her to call if she escaped. She puts herself at his mercy, knowing she has nowhere else to turn.

Detective Inspector Jack Lennon wants a quiet Christmas with his daughter. When an apparent turf war between rival gangs leaves a string of bodies across the city, he knows he won't get it. As Lennon digs deeper he discovers the truth is far more threatening. Soon he is locked in a deadly race with two very different killers.“Top-notch Irish crime fiction ... one senses a diamond-hard stillness at the heart of Neville's prose, despite the hurtling plot. This leaves us poised between savoring the beauty of his words and reading madly to get to the end.” - Los Angeles Times

“You read Stolen Souls wincing, in thrall to Neville's brilliance. Neville's third outing confirms him as the king of Belfast noir.” - The Guardian

"Assured, vicious and breathlessly paced." - Metro

"Stolen Souls shows an unflinching mastery of such dark and disturbing material ... A master at work" - The Mirror

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