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Published in UK/Ireland asThe Twelve

Former paramilitary killer Gerry Fegan is haunted by his victims, twelve souls who shadow his every waking day and scream through every drunken night. Just as he reaches the edge of sanity they reveal their desire: vengeance on those who engineered their deaths. From the greedy politicians to the corrupt security forces, the street thugs to the complacent bystanders who let it happen, all must pay the price.

When Fegan's vendetta threatens to derail Northern Ireland's peace process and destabilise its fledgling government, old comrades and enemies alike want him gone. David Campbell, a double agent lost between the forces of law and terror, takes the job. But he has his own reasons for eliminating Fegan; the secrets of a dirty war should stay buried, even if its ghosts do not.


"A brilliant thriller: unbearably tense, stomach-churningly frightening. A future classic of its time." - The Observer"


A crime novel that counts among the best brought out this calendar year." - LA Times

"A rare example of legitimate noir fiction ... Would rattle the composure of a saint." - New York Times


"One of the first great post-Troubles novels to emerge from Northern Ireland." - Sunday Independent

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